Sexy Summer Outfits for Women

 5 Ways to Dress Up for the Season!


Hello loves! We absolutely love that summer means getting to go out and about in our favorite tank and sandals all day, but what happens when night rolls around? We want to share some of our best summer outfits for women so you have everything you need whether the sun is out or has fallen down low.

This week we have some great tips and tricks on how to effortlessly dress up your favorite summer outfits that we know you will love and use!

1. Always start with a kimono

Your favorite kimono is the perfect way to make any simple outfit look that much more stylish and chic! For a colorful option check out our new leopard cardigan ($55) or our pastel kimono ($35)!

2. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! 

The perfect pair of wedges can be just the thing your outfit needs to add that pop! Have you tried our new Grey Espadrille Wedges?! Only $35!

3. Accessories for any Occasion

Hoops have been the hottest trend lately… If you don’t have any don’t stress, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got everything from thin to thick to threaded to coral to gold! BUT our gold dipped brass hoops ($17) are the perfect basic hoop that will go with anything and everything!

4. Hats for fashion and function

Hats are not only super cute, but also super functional in the summer! Add the perfect umph to your outfit while keeping that skin glowing! Don’t know if you are a hat girl? Well, take this as the sign that you needed that you ARE! We have everything from straw to whole too trucker to try out.

5. Don’t forget the denim

Now let's not forget that denim… Tired of cut offs? Try our favorite bell bottoms! WAY more comfy that skinny jeans and super trendy and chic! We’ve got black, light wash, and dark wash! ($84)

Summer outfits

As always, your personal style should be as unique and beautiful as you are! Wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful because how you feel is all that matters. We would LOVE to hear all of yall's favorite summer tips and tricks when it comes to summer trends!


Lovie Rae